Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hand in hand

Hand in hand by Koreana

We see the fire in the sky
We feel the beating of our hearts together
This our time to rise above
We know the chance is here to live forever
For all time

Hand in hand we stand
All across the land
We can make this world a better place in which to live
Hand in hand we can
Start to understand
Breaking down the walls that come between us for all time

Everytime we give it all
We feel the flame eternally inside us
Lift our hands up to the sky
The morning calm helps us to live in harmony
For all time


Short story

“Dear, can you do me a favour?” Nancy asked.

“Baby, I’m sleeping now. Later I will help you.” David grunted from bedroom.

Nancy was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. She wanted to give David a surprise,
so, early in the morning she walked to the market and bought some vegetables and eggs. Not only breakfast, Nancy wanted to cook lunch for David. She was unable to open the can of sardine fish using a tin-opener. While David was sleeping, she had no choice. She wanted to do sandwiches for breakfast, but now it seemed that she had to change her breakfast plan. She thought for a while and she decided to not to change the plan. The eggs were ready in a big bowl. She turned the tin-opener to the other side and leaned against the tin, turned and turned. After a while, still the same thing happened.

While Nancy was about to give up, a pair of hands were in front of her, took out the tin-opener. David turned the tin few times and the tin was opened. Nancy was quite unbelievable. Without saying words, she quickly poured the sardine fish to the pan and heated it. David already went back to bedroom and lying on the bed again. Nancy took no notice of him and now, she was using the fork to stir over the mixture of eggs and sardine fish. After twenty minutes, Nancy was already finished preparing breakfast. Sardine sandwich was David’s favourite food.

Nancy went to bedroom and awoke David with soft voice, but David did not want to get up. He yelled: “Get out from here! I want to sleep!” This was not the first time David shouted at Nancy. In fact, Nancy was very clear about his temper. David was not like this before. David lost his job few months ago, just because of small mistakes. He was very angry and upset. He went to look for other jobs, but he failed. He was despair of the society. He gave up and started his lazy life after all. He slept until very late in the morning and watched television for the whole day. Sometimes he would gaze at the wall for some time. Nancy was not given up to him. She trusted him.

The sardine sandwiches had became David’s dinner. He did not want to get up until late evening. Nancy just waited him to wake up. She was doing house chores in the whole afternoon. She was tired mentally and physically long time ago, but she just did not give up.

After David finished the sandwiches, he sat there and gape at Nancy. She could see his emptiness and desperation through his eyes. They looked at each other silently. Suddenly, they heard “Bang! Bang! Bang!” sound, they went to the window and saw what had happened.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” It was fireworks. Shining and colourful, crackling and sparkling fireworks. Nancy held David’s hand in the sparkling fireworks. While Nancy looked at David, she saw two streams of tears flow through David’s cheeks.
“Dear, are you okay?” she wiped his tears with hands.
Without saying anything, David hugged her to his chest.
After few minutes, David looked at Nancy and said, “Honey, I felt so guilty to you for such a long time. You take care of me all the time, but I disappoint you. Just now the fireworks made me recall of my promise to you. I remembered I said I will love you and take care of you for my whole life. Honey, from tomorrow onwards I will look for job and start new life. Forgive me.”

Nancy was touched, her eyes were full of tears, “Dear, I always trust you because I know you can do it. Promise me, don’t give up easily. You’re not alone, you see, I am holding your hands, now and forever.”

David smiled at her, “Sweetheart, I will remember your words. Have hope every day. No matter what happens, I know we will handle and face it bravely. I love you.”

Nancy nodded with smile, she knew that he could do it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recall of BEYOND

Time flies so fast. On 31 of December last year, I went to countdown at Queensbay.
After shopped in Borders, I went to watch the concert which was held opposite of Queensbay. At first,the concert was indeed too loud and noisy to me.The songs were not nice. Those songs were performed by local bands. Well, I did not mean to offend.
But, when I saw one member of BEYOND (HONGKONG BAND),Yip Sai Wing came out on the stage, I was indeed very excited. I did not expect such a famous band would come to Queensbay concert. When he sang, I really touched.

BEYOND was a rock band consisted of four people in 1990s. Wong Ka Kui was a lead vocals for the band. BEYOND was so famous because of their passion for music. They produced albums themselves and worked all things themselves.

At 1993,Wong Ka Kui was died because he fell off a broken stage and sustained massive head injuries in Japan.This was a broken-heart news for all fans.

I did not know much BEYOND when I was small, but I heard their songs before. Their songs were so nice and touched. When Yip Sai Wing sang "Boundless Oceans Vast Skies", the crowd sang together. This song is the memory of BEYOND and older generation. We recalled of the late Wong Ka Kui. I believed the crowd sang with heart.

The Late Wong Ka Kui
BEYOND, a rock band will always live in our heart forever.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sometimes I am very lazy.
I used to surf people's blogs once in a while.
I used to blog at first to improve my english.
I wish to express my inner feelings in english, yet

I AM LAZY.....

Give me some time...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Taste of German

It was 17/3/2009.A very busy and fun day for us-->LAG100 students.Well, we are just taking German for the first level.Then, one month ago, our dearest German teacher,Frau Mayer decided that we could held a German Day.Then,every time she took one hour to discuss the details with us,like food,handicrafts,perfomances,decorations and so on.

This is SOLLAT,School of Languages,Literacies and Translation.Our event,A Taste of German was held here.

Hence, when 17/3/2009 came, let's review together....
Our president who dressed in black suits were preparing stuffs, another girl was practising keyboard.Yea,something important.Can see the flag?It is German flag!The most significant symbol !

Everyone was busy preparing things.Me too, can identify which one is me?
No right? Of course ,I was not inside!!I was taking photos!!

All these were unique handicrafts that we did ourselves followed the German handicraft book.The doll (right) with pink and red colour ribbon was my own work!!I really spent time on it ..No choice,at first when I saw my friend's one was so nice,then I wanted to do.When I made that doll, I really started to regret.Haha,anyway,I FINISHED IT!!!ALL ARE FOR SALE!!
1 small hanger =RM2 1 soldier= RM8 1 doll=RM5

This is Frau Mayer@Siti Waltraud.She was married to Malaysia since 1994.Our German teacher. Her dress was really special, I love it!!

Things were still in a mess. Don't worry! We were magicians! Later all will turn into a wonderful place!!^^

All started doing already!They were so happy!You know what they did?

Tada!!These are the ingredients!They were doing salad with RM2 per cup!! Very very nice!!!

See!Huay Wern(centre) and her friend ,li chen were making orange juice!!We had salad, drinks,and of course more irresistable food....

This was schnitzel(German word,which means chicken without bones).This was indeed amazing!!!But the price was a bit expensive,RM8 with mashed potatoes...I bought one set and I did hope could take one more set that time,but money was important...

This was apple crumble.RM4,nice food was never cheap lo!

Tiramisu.RM1.50,VERY VERY CHEAP!This was done by Frau Mayer!This was the first ever tiramisu i loved the most.

These were the salad!Nutritious and delicious!

People started to come...Many international students came.I saw japanese faces,china faces,korean faces,indian faces and malaysian faces...

Soon,perfomances started...Many people were enjoying the show.We had dance...

This German song was presented by a German third level student.Just can't believe his German so fluent...

Next, we had friends from German. All of us were very excited to see him!!of course with his friends!He was going to present a song for us.

A nice piece of video that is memorable...

See,we had foreigners here!They were from German!!!

A photo with Frau Mayer and friends!!We were so wonderful!!!

Not to forget this, a very precious photo!!After so much hard work under sun, we finally grabbed the chance to take photo with 2 handsome German guys!!so happy!!!

After all, so much things to prepare, we were really glad and proud to be a part of this event"A Taste of German".

This is a lovely memory which I shall remember.Because this is my first time to have a closer approach with foreigners!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beloved Family

Every time when I feel unhappy and depressed, I miss my family so much.
Since I was small, I couldn't feel mom's love to us.Mom just did her task very well,she cooked well.She criticized a lot and seldom gave us encouragement.Her demands were high. I felt I was borned to have my own character.My younger brother and I stayed with parents during my teenage life.However,my younger brother was totally different from me.He was very hot-tempered and reluctant to accept people's advice. He was not afraid of mom.He dared to scold back mom.I was always soft.When mom said no,I followed. I remember, I did not listen to her one time,she stared at me.So harsh... I felt so hurt. In my memory, I was used to be a good daughter.

When I entered university,mom began to change to a better way,yet not much difference. She was stubborn and emotional. Yet she was a fantastic cook. I learn to care for her. I learn to be more independent. I can always go to any place alone. I do not afraid of any dangers that might happen on me. Although I didnt really feel the love from my mom during teenage life, i knew that God loves me.

Now, I am away from my family. Just don't know why.Every time when I was depressed, i missed them so much.Maybe is because whatever unhappy things happen on me, I know that I am not alone.I still have my family.

No matter what circumstances, I love my family with all my hearts...

Evil thoughts

Evil thoughts...
Hate evil thoughts,yet I couldn't realise that they are dwelling in me...
Evil thoughts form me into a different person.
Evil thoughts are liers. They trick you and play fool of you...

Anyway,glad that I have won them!
Free yourself from evil thoughts,
Happiness is waiting for you ...

I love to spread love, go away from me, evil thoughts!!!!


Today is a hard day. I have misunderstanding with a good friend.
I wonder why such a thing would happen between us.
Maybe we do not understand each other deep enough.
Misunderstanding could hurt people so much...
While you care for the people so much but sometimes misunderstanding could appear in a sudden.
I hardly have such a hard time with boys. Recalling...
Really none. I guess..
But ,this time I really did it.
it hurts...

How I wish time could pass faster and I could forget it...
I appreciate friendship.
Dear friends, I appreciate all of you.
If i have done any thing that offends you,I apologize here. Sorry...