Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hand in hand

Hand in hand by Koreana

We see the fire in the sky
We feel the beating of our hearts together
This our time to rise above
We know the chance is here to live forever
For all time

Hand in hand we stand
All across the land
We can make this world a better place in which to live
Hand in hand we can
Start to understand
Breaking down the walls that come between us for all time

Everytime we give it all
We feel the flame eternally inside us
Lift our hands up to the sky
The morning calm helps us to live in harmony
For all time


Short story

“Dear, can you do me a favour?” Nancy asked.

“Baby, I’m sleeping now. Later I will help you.” David grunted from bedroom.

Nancy was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. She wanted to give David a surprise,
so, early in the morning she walked to the market and bought some vegetables and eggs. Not only breakfast, Nancy wanted to cook lunch for David. She was unable to open the can of sardine fish using a tin-opener. While David was sleeping, she had no choice. She wanted to do sandwiches for breakfast, but now it seemed that she had to change her breakfast plan. She thought for a while and she decided to not to change the plan. The eggs were ready in a big bowl. She turned the tin-opener to the other side and leaned against the tin, turned and turned. After a while, still the same thing happened.

While Nancy was about to give up, a pair of hands were in front of her, took out the tin-opener. David turned the tin few times and the tin was opened. Nancy was quite unbelievable. Without saying words, she quickly poured the sardine fish to the pan and heated it. David already went back to bedroom and lying on the bed again. Nancy took no notice of him and now, she was using the fork to stir over the mixture of eggs and sardine fish. After twenty minutes, Nancy was already finished preparing breakfast. Sardine sandwich was David’s favourite food.

Nancy went to bedroom and awoke David with soft voice, but David did not want to get up. He yelled: “Get out from here! I want to sleep!” This was not the first time David shouted at Nancy. In fact, Nancy was very clear about his temper. David was not like this before. David lost his job few months ago, just because of small mistakes. He was very angry and upset. He went to look for other jobs, but he failed. He was despair of the society. He gave up and started his lazy life after all. He slept until very late in the morning and watched television for the whole day. Sometimes he would gaze at the wall for some time. Nancy was not given up to him. She trusted him.

The sardine sandwiches had became David’s dinner. He did not want to get up until late evening. Nancy just waited him to wake up. She was doing house chores in the whole afternoon. She was tired mentally and physically long time ago, but she just did not give up.

After David finished the sandwiches, he sat there and gape at Nancy. She could see his emptiness and desperation through his eyes. They looked at each other silently. Suddenly, they heard “Bang! Bang! Bang!” sound, they went to the window and saw what had happened.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” It was fireworks. Shining and colourful, crackling and sparkling fireworks. Nancy held David’s hand in the sparkling fireworks. While Nancy looked at David, she saw two streams of tears flow through David’s cheeks.
“Dear, are you okay?” she wiped his tears with hands.
Without saying anything, David hugged her to his chest.
After few minutes, David looked at Nancy and said, “Honey, I felt so guilty to you for such a long time. You take care of me all the time, but I disappoint you. Just now the fireworks made me recall of my promise to you. I remembered I said I will love you and take care of you for my whole life. Honey, from tomorrow onwards I will look for job and start new life. Forgive me.”

Nancy was touched, her eyes were full of tears, “Dear, I always trust you because I know you can do it. Promise me, don’t give up easily. You’re not alone, you see, I am holding your hands, now and forever.”

David smiled at her, “Sweetheart, I will remember your words. Have hope every day. No matter what happens, I know we will handle and face it bravely. I love you.”

Nancy nodded with smile, she knew that he could do it.

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