Friday, April 24, 2009

Beloved Family

Every time when I feel unhappy and depressed, I miss my family so much.
Since I was small, I couldn't feel mom's love to us.Mom just did her task very well,she cooked well.She criticized a lot and seldom gave us encouragement.Her demands were high. I felt I was borned to have my own character.My younger brother and I stayed with parents during my teenage life.However,my younger brother was totally different from me.He was very hot-tempered and reluctant to accept people's advice. He was not afraid of mom.He dared to scold back mom.I was always soft.When mom said no,I followed. I remember, I did not listen to her one time,she stared at me.So harsh... I felt so hurt. In my memory, I was used to be a good daughter.

When I entered university,mom began to change to a better way,yet not much difference. She was stubborn and emotional. Yet she was a fantastic cook. I learn to care for her. I learn to be more independent. I can always go to any place alone. I do not afraid of any dangers that might happen on me. Although I didnt really feel the love from my mom during teenage life, i knew that God loves me.

Now, I am away from my family. Just don't know why.Every time when I was depressed, i missed them so much.Maybe is because whatever unhappy things happen on me, I know that I am not alone.I still have my family.

No matter what circumstances, I love my family with all my hearts...

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王木木, CaTheRiNe said...

i keep asking myself who are u, finally i know u are xinxin ah!!! hmm, i am also an indepentdent gal, start from 9 years old, i need to take care my sibling at house. cos mum and dad need to work. sometime, i feel that i am not my parents child,cos i cant feel the love from them. but after i enter university, i miss them. even till now we dont have must things to talk, but i know they love me. family is always the best for us and to us.

wadefish said...

yes, God is love. stay strong.

阿欣 said...

王木木:wow!u find me here,geng!haha.u are a good sister.Keep your dreams!I will always support u!True.Family is always there for us.

wadefish:haha,feel weird to call u like that.haha^^Thanks for encouragement.Indeed,Lord loves us!!Amen!!