Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recall of BEYOND

Time flies so fast. On 31 of December last year, I went to countdown at Queensbay.
After shopped in Borders, I went to watch the concert which was held opposite of Queensbay. At first,the concert was indeed too loud and noisy to me.The songs were not nice. Those songs were performed by local bands. Well, I did not mean to offend.
But, when I saw one member of BEYOND (HONGKONG BAND),Yip Sai Wing came out on the stage, I was indeed very excited. I did not expect such a famous band would come to Queensbay concert. When he sang, I really touched.

BEYOND was a rock band consisted of four people in 1990s. Wong Ka Kui was a lead vocals for the band. BEYOND was so famous because of their passion for music. They produced albums themselves and worked all things themselves.

At 1993,Wong Ka Kui was died because he fell off a broken stage and sustained massive head injuries in Japan.This was a broken-heart news for all fans.

I did not know much BEYOND when I was small, but I heard their songs before. Their songs were so nice and touched. When Yip Sai Wing sang "Boundless Oceans Vast Skies", the crowd sang together. This song is the memory of BEYOND and older generation. We recalled of the late Wong Ka Kui. I believed the crowd sang with heart.

The Late Wong Ka Kui
BEYOND, a rock band will always live in our heart forever.

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